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About Us

At SPORK, we believe in transforming education by providing teachers and students with innovative tools that make learning math engaging, efficient, and effective. Founded by the visionaries behind BASIS Charter Schools, renowned for their top-tier education systems, SPORK was born out of the desire to create a unique and dynamic math curriculum that truly caters to the needs of both teachers and students.


Your All-in-One Solution

for K-12 Math Curriculum

Unlock the full potential of education with SPORK, the cutting-edge educational platform designed specifically for schools. SPORK revolutionizes the way educators manage curriculum, enhances instructional effectiveness, and drives improved learning outcomes for students.​

SPORK Math is not just a curriculum;

it's a complete solution for schools, addressing the time management challenges faced by teachers. Whether it's before, during, or after class, SPORK provides structure and best practices, ensuring that teaching and learning are seamless and effective. Experience education the SPORK way – where innovation meets inspiration.


Challenges Addressed: Moving Beyond Textbooks

Traditional textbooks and materials presented a myriad of issues – from students misplacing them to the static nature of content that could take years to update. Enter SPORK, a digital solution offering dynamic, up-to-date content that can be customized with ease. This not only enables more flexible teaching but also provides immediate feedback, a stark contrast to the days it might take with traditional lessons

Our History

Welcome to SPORK: Your All-in-One Solution for K-12 Math Curriculum

SPORK Math, created by the founders of BASIS Charter Schools, emerged in 2018 due to a change in the math curriculum they were using at the schools. The curriculum wasn't meeting the needs of today's students and not setting them up for success throughout their academic careers. BASIS Schools had great success with the new SPORK Math curriculum and have been recognized as a top charter school system in the U.S., including multiple schools rated in the top 5 STEM schools in the country.

This brings us to today, where we invite you to join forces with SPORK and provide your students the opportunity for better math results. We have the curriculum, the tools, and the results. Here's the proof. Let's make an impact on student success together!

Olga Block

Olga V. Block, SPORK Founder


Jake Hoff


Chief Revenue Officer

Morris Nguyen


Director of Systems Integration

Jan Koutny


Chief Executive Officer

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