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SPORK Math & Science equips students with a deep understanding of scientific methods and vocabulary, while covering all the math concepts required by state standards.


This approach teaches learners the relationship between math and science, and is critical for their future advanced math courses.



Key Characteristics

Integrating Math and Science

SPORK recognizes the inherent connection between science and math. By embedding science concepts into the math curriculum, SPORK students develop a foundation of love for both subjects. This integration equips students with a deep understanding of scientific methods and vocabulary, ensuring a seamless transition into more advanced science and arithmetic courses.

Tailored for Early Education

SPORK Math & Science recognizes the unique needs of early education. Our platform provides age-appropriate content, interactive games, and colorful visuals that cater to the developmental stages of kindergarten through third-grade students. Learning becomes an adventure that sparks curiosity and creativity.


Teacher-Friendly Tools

Easy for teachers to create engaging and effective lessons. Out of the box lessons with ability to supplement with additional resources.

A COMPLETE K-12 MATH Curriculum Solution

SPORK has developed a full K-12 math curriculum solution, from captivating younger students with Math & Science to advanced

mathematics courses at the high school level.


SPORK Math is not just a curriculum; it's a complete solution for schools, addressing time management challenges faced by teachers, as well.


Whether it's before, during, or after class, SPORK provides the structure and best practices, ensuring that teaching and learning are efficient and effective. Key features include interactive lessons, colorful visuals, gamification, and instructional tools.

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